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Sold the house and moved out of Phoenix in December 2012.  Loved this system and the house, but when you lose your job and then your home, it's time to move on.

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Summary Of Accomplishments

n     Expert-level understanding of the AIX kernel, system tuning and monitoring utilities, and moderate exposure to korn shell scripting.
n     Tuned and perfected the nightly AIX backup scripts to achieve fastest processing times and lower system loads.
n     In 2005, replaced slower hard disks in our AIX system with a solid-state disk system, reducing ERP/MRP processing times by 100%.
n     Expertly familiar with networking protocols such as TCP/IP, DNS and configuration of routers, switches, and wireless access points.
n     Converted payroll system from ADP to an internally managed system on an AIX server, saving thousands of dollars in annual payroll costs.
n     Managed a large network infrastructure (200+ devices) for a furniture manufacturing company, solving problems quickly and efficiently.
n     Created and maintained help desk support database to reduce technical support response times and limit user downtime.
n     Supported upper level management with any special projects for which they needed extreme speed and accurate, error-free results.
n     Built original 1996 company website using hand-coded HTML.
n     Created a payroll checklist, eliminating human error from the payroll processes.
n     Acquired both 2-yr and 4-yr college degrees within 4 calendar years.


1996-current      Thornwood Furniture Mfg Inc.                 Phoenix, AZ
AIX System Administrator/Senior Systems Analyst
n     AIX system administrator 1992-current on several AIX servers, including managing all users, devices, and software packages.
n     Maintain all hardware and software in a mixed Unix and Windows environment of PCs, Windows servers, and IBM p-series AIX servers.
n     Install and maintain AIX mid-range p-Series servers alongside all required peripherals.
n     Install and manage large IBM SSA RAID5 arrays and Texas Memory Systems solid-state disk RAID flash-based systems on AIX systems.
n     Monitor memory and disk performance of AIX systems using tools such as monitor and iostat, and use vmtune as required.
n     Manage daily the tape-based backup procedures and Ghost images.
n     Maintain and replace internal server system hardware devices.
n     Lotus Notes/Domino administrator 1999-2012, managing   50 users.
n     SAMBA Administrator for AIX/Windows network drive connectivity.
n     Expertly familiar with all aspects of LAN cabling, terminal cabling, fiber-optic cabling and management of wire rack components.
n     Complete all network performance degradation troubleshooting, including tracking down and eliminating cable and network and switch hardware problems.
n     Use Windows Server to manage a domain of 50+ Active Directory users and computers.

1989–1996         ABCO Industries, Inc.                               Abilene, TX
IT System Administrator and Payroll Administrator
n     Installed Ethernet network and managed AIX servers and AutoCAD workstations, along with 30 PCs and serial-attached terminals.
n     Handled the totality of all payroll-related tasks for a workforce of 150 employees, including extensive use of 10-key by touch. 
n     Managed all system hardware and software installs and maintenance.


1987–1989         University of Texas at Arlington             Arlington, TX
n     B.A., Journalism and Business Management
1985–1987         Texas State Technical Institute              Sweetwater, TX
n     A.S., Computer Programming

Technical Skills

Network Protocols:  TCP/IP, DNS, FTP, Telnet, SSH, SMTP, NFS.

Languages:  HTML, UniVerse Basic, AIX ksh scripting/cron.

Hardware supported:  IBM AIX p-Series servers, Windows PCs and laptops, Kronos handreaders, dot-matrix/laser/inkjet/thermal printers, plotters, solid-state/SSA/NAS/SCSI/FC RAID arrays, Antares 6400 handheld scanners, Windows terminals, wireless access points and routers, server-sized uninterruptible power supplies, Blackberry smartphones, MacBooks, iPhones, Merlin/AVAYA PBX system and phones, all manner of network cabling, switches, firewalls.
Operating Systems:  AIX 3.2/4.3/5.3/7.1, Windows/Windows Server, OS/2, MS-DOS.

Software:  Microsoft Office, Active Directory/Domains, PhotoShop, Norton Ghost, COGNOS BI, LabView, SAMBA, Lotus Notes/Domino, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Kronos TKC payroll, FedEx/UPS Shipment software, VMware client, AIX Logical Volume Manager, AIX vi editor, X11, BRU, UniVerse/PICK, various Unix freeware utilities.

Miscellaneous:  Unique ability to analyze a process and improve that process.  Have been granted a key to the building at every employer.  Tech savvy and smart. A good learner who will pick up new concepts quickly. Proactive self-starter.


Single father of two teens who enjoys cooking, making home improvements, reading, and computers.  Avid hiker who enjoys fitness and eating healthy. Will deliver high energy, high motivation, extreme loyalty, and a solid and varied experience base. Trustworthy and reliable. Detail-oriented with a natural knack for problem solving. When something breaks or does not work correctly, I do my best to resolve it completely. United States Marine, 1981-1985.

Phone (602) 326-7370 • e-mail
4135 E. La Salle Street • Phoenix, az  85040

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AirTap Heat Pump Water Heater - Review and Information

I own an AirTap and live in Phoenix.  The AirGenerate AirTap is a retro-fit unit which attached to the top of my water heater and uses a copper coil inserted into the tank to heat the water.  It pulls air in from the garage, heats the coil, and exhausts COLD air.

I have it in my garage and bought a new Marathon 50-gal. water heater at the same time, both installed on July 19th, 2008. Have not used the heating elements on my Marathon water heater since it was installed- the AirTap has provided EVERY DROP of my hot water the last 43 months. I paid $549 w/shipping for the AirTap, and $1600 for the Marathon, to install them both on the same day. Paid $2149 total for the setup. Like I said earlier, my hot water heater is located in my garage, which provides plenty of the "air space" needed by the AirTap for proper operation. You cannot use the AirTap if your hot water heater is in a closet, sorry - it needs a large amount of "fee air space" around it to operate properly. 

The AirTap has worked like a charm, not a single issue. BUT I do have some caveats: We are a 3-person home, a Dad w/two teens. Showers are short- I try to limit them to 8-15 minutes, and we never take 3 showers in a row. I don't wash our clothes in hot water, except for a couple of loads a year with hot water, maybe to get out a serious stain. 

I run the dishwasher no more than 3 full loads per week, usually only 2 loads. Our hot water needs are limited compared to most families. We use less than 3700 total gallons of water every month. That being said, the AirTap/Marathon combination totally ROCKS in regard to cutting the cost of heating water for my small family with below-average hot water needs. Example: The "EnergyGuide Label" on the Marathon electric water heater estimates the cost of heating water per year at $467 for that unit. Allow me a moment to recover from the comedy of that label, compared to what I pay. Less than $40 PER YEAR is what I pay for ALL my hot water. I keep track of the kilowatt hours used with a Kill-A-Watt meter, and I know how much I pay per kwh, and have programmed a timer to run the AirTap only during times when electricity is cheaper. The TOTAL amount of money I have spent heating my water is $139.94 over the last 43 months. That comes to about 9 cents per day, compared to if I actually spent what the Marathon EnergyGuide says and would be spending $1.28 per day. To figure out a "payoff time" is a little tricky, but you can figure it's pretty short, compared to just using the Marathon alone without the AirTap. My advice is that if you let your kids/wife take 30 min. showers, the AirTap probably is not for you, unless they stagger them 3 or 4 hours apart to let it recover. If you can somehow control your usage a little bit, the AirTap can be a fabulous device for controlling the cost of heating your water. I couldn't be happier with mine.  No one is better situated to take the biggest advantage of the AirTap, apparently, than someone living in Phoenix who only takes 3 hot showers per day and has their hot water heater in their garage. I couldn't possibly be happier with my AirTap.

You can find out more at the manufacturer's website:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Showing off the 'Lectric Bill

Love these electric bills....

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 2011 804.89 kwh

May 2011 was pretty decent.  Only 3 days under 25 kwh, which is a good, consistent month.  Last May beat this May by only 5.72 kwh, a decrease of less than 1%.